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Health Frozen FoodsHealth Frozen Foods – Our contemporary society demands that we live a fast paced lifestyle. The numerous inventions and innovations that were created to make things more convenient and easy has ironically made us even more occupied with a lot of things. This phenomenon might be because the modern conveniences made us compensate with working even more to sustain these innovations and the drive to come up with even newer things for newer conveniences. Sometimes, we make solutions for problems that are actually caused by the technological revolution.

One of the modern conveniences that have really helped make our lives easier is the invention of food refrigeration

Having this wonderful invention has drastically improved food storage in commercial food handling and regular households. The longer shelf time for purchased perishable food products and leftovers makes sure that there will be less trips to the market for purchases and less food wastage from spoiled leftovers. It has also become possible and exponentially more practical to buy frozen, ready to eat meals that can be stored for a long time in the freezer; with actual preparation only needing a few minutes in the microwave oven – which is another modern convenience. This is undeniably one of the best inventions of the modern times that most of us can literally not live without.

However, as previously mentioned there are compromises that goes along with these modern conveniences

In the case of refrigerated and frozen foods, the compromise are mainly its texture followed by the taste. Freezing food items, though prevents bacterial growth – breaks it down to a cellular level from reacting to freezing of water molecules. This is why it is recommended to freeze food with as little moisture as possible.

Some are concerned that frozen food items have compromised nutritional value

This isn’t entirely true. Depending on the procedure done prior to freezing, the food may or may not lose nutrients. For example, blanching vegetables before freezing will draw out some vitamin contents. And if the time it takes from harvesting fruits and vegetables to freezing them is not too long, there is virtually no nutrient lost.

The compromise with the food taste and texture is one that most people can live with

The time saved from repeated market trips and more frequent cooking far outweighs the negative effect of freezing food. This minute difference in food texture and taste is usually negligible for most people. However, it is not a bad idea to prepare yourself good quality food made from fresh ingredients from time to time.

Health Frozen Foods